Hand Embroidery

Graduating from the Royal School of Needlework has enabled me to develop traditional needlework techniques, into contemporary designs.

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Silk Shading

A series of long and short stitches are created to shade colour, also known as Painting with a Needle. Traditionally using silk threads, materials can be adjusted to contemporise the technique. Small bugs are stitches onto silk organza, whilst larger stitches are used to embellish the adornments.

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French knots, satin and stem stitch are surface stitches taken from traditional Jacobean Crewelwork, used here to create floral motifs and monograms, to embellish linen tableware.

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Harriet Frances Goldwork 1


Also known as Metal Thread Embroidery, bright check, smooth, rough and pearl purl, passing, twist and spangles are among metal threads stitched onto a padded base, used here to form this statement Goldwork adornment.

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